Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Customer Service Addict Listens

Habit #2 - Have you ever been involved in a conversation with a friend and found yourself thinking about another issue? Well, your neighborhood Customer Service Addict (CSA) has never found himself in that position. Ask his friends, family, or customers. When you speak, he listens. Why is listening so important?

Listening allows your CSA the opportunity to make you feel important. You are the center of his attention. Your problems are his problems. He doesn't just hear you, he listens to you!

Listening to someone is a very simple task. The funny thing is that not many people are good at it. We're all too busy to worry about someone else's problems. Effective listening separates a good friend from a bad friend. Of course, it also separates a good business from a bad business.

Are you listening yet?

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