Saturday, June 25, 2005

Did This Really Happen?

I sat down this morning ready to enjoy a good breakfast from a local restaurant. It had been a long week and my reward was an unhealthy waffle and eggs. I couldn't wait. Apparently, my waitress had other ideas. It began very innocently. She said "Hello, can I take you order?". My order wasn't much different from what the menu offered, but I did ask for my eggs to be cooked "over well". My waitress proceeded to begin laughing at my order and then even rolling her eyes. She barked out my order and she could hardly keep a straight face as she was yelling my order across the restaurant. My waitress must have been in amazement because she began shaking her head after the cook heard the order. I thought that I was in Customer Service Hell! I had to know what was so funny, so I asked her. She said, "Oh nothing, I can't laugh every now and then?" She walked away to a nearby table and asked those people if it was alright for her to laugh because some people said that laughing is a bad thing. At this point, I'd had enough. I walked out and left the building disgusted. I'll be back because I know that this is an isolated event, but this business is on my watch list now. Another visit to Customer Service Hell and I'm walking.

It was a complete disaster and one that I hope my employees never repeat. As I walked away in disbelief I thought, "did this really happen?"

I still don't understand the joke, but I do know that I was the punch line. As a general rule, don't make your customers feel as if they are a punch line in a secret joke!

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