Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Housecleaning is Just Like Air Travel

People fly everyday from coast to coast. There are thousands of flights that take off every hour from different cities across the country. An airport has hundreds of people employed to ensure our safety and comfort. An airplane cost millions of dollars to manufacture and thousands of dollars to maintain on a daily basis. Yet, most people select an airline based on either price or customer service. Think about that, flying from New York City to Los Angeles is based on a few dollars or a sincere flight attendant. Safety is an afterthought. Flying above the clouds is now a commodity and air travel is just like housecleaning!

Some people select a housecleaning service based strictly on price. In our business, it's easy to be the most affordable because the barriers of entry are relatively low. Buy some supplies and you're in business. This works for some consumers because their level of expectation is low.

Our customers select us because they want great customer service. They expect us to arrive on-time, they expect a clean house, and they expect us to bend over backwards if a mistake occurs. That's our customers and we love them. We know that they appreciate our efforts and that a low-ball competitor is not going to drive them away.

Flying isn't easy and neither is housecleaning. However, the companies that make it look easy are the ones that prosper. I hope that we make it look easy.

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