Friday, June 24, 2005

I Have A Problem

I like to make people happy. Making people happy makes me happy. I don't want to dissapoint any of our customers ever. I'm serious! My goal is to have 100% customer satisfaction. My problem is that being perfect is impossible. I tell myself that everyday, but I never listen.

We clean about 150 homes per week and the majority of people are extremely pleased. In baseball, a 30% career batting average gets you into the Hall of Fame. In business, that puts you out of business. We measure our customer satisfaction on a scale from one to five. Each of our customers know that their ratings not only tell us when there is a problem, but their ratings are also used to calculate pay rates for our employees. Our weekly cleaning average is just over 4.6 for the last four weeks. That means that we have a 92% customer satisfaction rating for the last month. Not bad, but definitely not perfect.

We receive about two complaints per day. To compare, we receive about twenty-five compliments per day. I love the compliments, but those two complaints stay with me all night. What could we have done better? Did we act professionally? Can we do something else to prove that we care about their level of satisfaction? Calgon, take me away!

They say that the road to recovery is to first admit that you have a problem.

I have a problem: I am a customer service addict.

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