Wednesday, June 15, 2005

People Like People That Try

Have you ever noticed that service companies are notorious for providing bad customer service? How many of you have waited hours for the cable company to show up? How many of you have waited a half-hour for a five-minute oil change? How many of you have received the wrong order at a restaurant?

People do things wrong all the time. Mistakes happen. What makes a mistake turn into bad customer service? Attitude.

Did the cable company call and inform you of their late arrival? Did the mechanic inform you that multiple cars arrived at the same time and the oil change may take longer than five minutes? Did the waitress write down the order or did she "remember" it in her head?

People will forgive mistakes as long as they feel like you are trying to satisfy their needs. We know that we aren't perfect. Goodness, we make mistakes every single day. However, it isn't because we don't care. Our customers know that we work harder than anybody else to control and correct our mistakes. That's the difference between us and everybody else.

People like us because we try!

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