Thursday, July 28, 2005

C'mon, It's Just Housecleaning

I've heard it a million times....You charge what?

Our rates are sky high. Our rates are higher than anyone from Destin to Pensacola. Our rates are high because of two reasons:

1. Our employees are worth it
2. Our service is worth it

Let's get one thing straight. Our employees are not unskilled labor. They are professional housecleaners and they work hard to satisfy your needs. They're not perfect, but their goal is to make you happy. Most cleaning companies have a hard time dealing with turnover. Turnover is extremely high for our industry. I've been told that the industry average is just over 600%. That means the average cleaning company is changing its entire staff six times per year. Ouch! Honestly, I understand why the turnover level is so high. Combine hard, dirty work with low wages and you have a recipe for failure. I wouldn't perform this job for a low wage.

We still have turnover, but we're different. Our employees can make a good living if they work for us. They are paid a high salary, assuming that they satisfy your needs. They are offered health and dental insurance. They like working for us because they know that we value their efforts. In fact, they probably get sick of hearing the words "customer service". It's engrained into their heads as soon as they're hired. Our employees are professionals!

We're paid to clean your home. But, is that all we do? Anybody can clean your floor. Anybody can clean your counters. But, can anyone measure your level of satisfaction after every housecleaning? Can anyone answer the telephone every time it rings? Can anyone care more about your happiness than us? We prove that we care by letting you tell us what to pay our employees.

A professional housecleaning service provides two things: housecleaning and service. The problem is that most cleaning companies forget about the latter part of the transaction. In my opinion, providing top-notch customer service is just as important as physically cleaning your house.

So, don't call us if you want to hire unskilled labor. We're not for you.

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