Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Customer Service Addict is Loyal to His Friends

A recent news headline stated that a company was being sued by one of its customers for selling the customer's email address to a third party. I wonder how much money this company made by selling its soul? Greed is alive and well and loyalty is on life support.

Habit #4 - Your neighborhood Customer Service Addict (CSA) is loyal. Plain and simple. He will not exploit you and he will not use you for personal or professional gain. He is loyal to you because he values you. He worked his butt off to gain your trust and he's not about to lose that trust.

Most big lottery winners don't utilize their newly found money wisely. Instead, they purchase grand homes, exotic vacations, or expensive cars. However, money that is earned is typically spent wisely and reinvested for future appreciation. Why? Because the earner worked her tail off for that money and she values it more than the lottery winner. That's customer service in a nutshell.

Your neighborhood CSA wants your business for a lifetime. The amount of loyalty that he provides you is directly proportional to the amount of business that you provide him.

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