Thursday, July 21, 2005

Your Problem is Solved

Habit #6 - Your neighborhood Customer Service Addict (CSA) likes to fix problems. A day without a problem is a boring day for your CSA.

A gambler can never win enough to make him happy. A gambler keeps on gambling because he needs that rush of adrenaline to keep going. Your neighborhood CSA needs problems in order to keep going. Solving that emergency for you makes him feel good.

Why in the world would anyone enjoy problems? Problems are bad, problems are stressful, and problems are...well...problems. The difference between a normal person and a CSA is that a CSA craves stress. Handling stress makes him feel productive. And trust me, a CSA needs to feel productive.

It's not easy being around an addict. Your neighborhood CSA is no different. He's always worried, he's always ready for action, and he's always thinking. He's an addict.

If you're his friend, start coordinating the intervention. If you're his customer, start telling him your problems.

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