Monday, August 15, 2005

The End of the Evolution

We had corrected operational problems, improved our marketing practices, and motivated our employees. We had changed 100% from that fateful April Fool's day. But still, how was I going to tell everyone how great we were now? How was a potential customer going to understand our pay-for-performance plan? So, I tossed and turned every night for several weeks. Still, no solution.

Something weird started to happen. People were calling our office and they were already aware of our pay-for-performance plan. Word of mouth marketing was alive. Our current customers had noticed the improvement in our business and they were telling their friends and family. At last, it was happening. We weren't replacing one unhappy customer with a new customer. We were now adding a new customer to our schedule. The business was growing, and growing fast.

The outlook for the business' health was so strong that we decided to open a sister office in Fort Walton Beach. That's where you find us today. Today, we clean nearly 175 houses per week and staff more than 36 employees. Problems are still brewing and everything is not perfect.

The evolution of Two Maids & A Mop will never end. We change everyday. We change because our customers expect us to change. They know that we promise to satisfy them every time, so we work everyday to improve our quality control and customer service skills. Today's TwoMaids will not be tomorrow's TwoMaids.

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