Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Everything Changes

Nothing stays the same. Nothing stays the same because we live in America. We're capitalists. We're the free enterprisers of the world.

Supply never meets demand for a very long time. Demand for a product or service eventually gets recognized. Our economic system requires change for a business to succeed. Disney is not your mother's Disney. Tomorrow's Microsoft will not be today's Microsoft. Companies can't dominate a category forever. Two things occur when a business dominates a category:

1. Competitors flock to the category
2. A new category is born

Blockbuster stores spread like wildfire during the early 1990's. If you rented a video, you got it from Blockbuster. Movie Gallery, Hollywood Video and others tried to ride the video rental wave. They didn't topple Blockbuster, but they cut into its dominance. Blockbuster put everything it had into stopping these competitors. Meanwhile, a tiny company called Netflix began operations in the late 1990's. It rented movies and DVD's, but with a twist. It created a subscription model that allowed its members to rent three DVD's per month for a flat rate. It didn't fight Blockbuster on its turf. It created its own turf.

Two Maids & A Mop is no different. Today, we're the only cat in town. Nobody else allows its customers to determine its employees compensation. It's unheard of in the cleaning industry. Things will change. Somebody will figure out how well we are doing and follow in our footsteps. Someone else will see our copycat succeed and there goes our secret.

Our emphasis will always be on customer service. Right now, it's easy to prove our commitment to customer service. We're not sleeping though. We know that we must change in order to continue our success.

Come and get us, we're ready.

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