Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Big Idea

It only takes one. One big idea that can spark something even bigger. For some, it's an exciting new invention. For others, it's an innovative business plan. For me, it was a unique compensation plan that changed everything. Overnight.

The TwoMaids pay-for-performance compensation plan. Simply put, an employee's compensation is 100% determined by customer feedback. A simple concept, yet I didn't think of it until one early Saturday morning.

Big ideas are everywhere. There right in front of you just waiting to be heard. The problem is that most people aren't listening. Too busy. Too tired. Too difficult.

Sam Walton created Wal-Mart out of one tiny dime store in Arkansas. J.K. Rowling dreamed about writing Harry Potter while on a train headed for London. Tom Brady discovered that hard work made him better after he didn't make his freshman football team. Ted Turner created CNN after watching his local eleven o'clock news one night.

It's right there, just waiting to be heard. The only way to hear it is to always be listening.

Most of your ideas are duds. Many will fail. But, all you need is one big one.

Listen for it, it's coming.

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