Monday, September 05, 2005

Cleaning Is Easy

Most business websites or books list professional cleaning services as one of the easiest businesses to start. Here's one website that says it is the 10th easiest business to start....Click here for the article)

Yes, starting a professional cleaning service is easy. It only takes a few dollars to get started. Buy some supplies, drop off some fliers, and you're in business. But, there is a catch. Nothing is too good to be true. In fact, a recent survey illustrated this point. Approximately 75% of all cleaning businesses fail within the first year. Why?

Starting a business shouldn't be easy. If it's easy to start, then it's just as easy to quit. A business owner should have financial and emotional attachments to his business. When bad things happen, he shouldn't be able to walk away. So, the fact that starting this type of business is so easy directly determines why it's also so easy to quit.

This fact also contributes to the negative image that most people have when it comes to professional cleaners. They don't trust them and they don't respect them.

We can't change the market dynamics. But, we can change the perception that you have when it comes to professional cleaners. We'll stick around when bad things happen and we'll fix them.

Simply put, we'll be better.

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