Monday, September 12, 2005

High School All Over

Today's business owners aren't much different than high school teenagers. A teenager wants to be accepted. So, she imitates the most popular girl in school by looking, talking, and walking the same way. She drinks the same soda, eats the same food, and takes the same classes. The problem is that the most popular girl remains the most popular girl throughout high school. Number one never gets unseated because everyone is trying to beat her at her own game.

Businesses do the same thing. They all want to be like the leader. Same price. Same service. Same everything. And just like high school, number one remains number one because everyone is playing the same game. There's no way to catch up if you take the same number of steps as the leader.

Face the facts. Your product, your service, your business is a commodity. Your job is to create value out of that commodity. What makes your product more valuable than your nearest competitor's?

Buck the status quo and quit living high school all over again.

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