Thursday, September 29, 2005

Housecleaning = Boring

The logical man asks the Maid Man, "What person would strive to build a housecleaning empire? Housecleaning is boring. Vacuum, dust, clean the bathrooms/kitchen, empty the garbage, and you're done. Any fool can build a housecleaning business."

The Maid Man agrees with logical man. Housecleaning is not the sexiest business in the world. Heck, it may be one of the least sexiest businesses in the world. But, you know what? Nobody does it right. That's why I'm doing it. Two Maids & A Mop is going to do it right. Get rid of your current image of a maid and replace it with one that is professional, courteous, and customer friendly. The sad status of the housecleaning industry makes it easy for a customer focused company like ourselves to gain ground on the market leaders.

The logical man asks the Maid Man, "There is already a number of nationwide housecleaning businesses. They have hundreds of locations, millions of dollars, and much more experience than you. What makes you think that you're better?"

The Maid Man agrees again with the logical man. Sure, we have an uphill fight. They have more money than us. They have more manpower than us. They probably even have more experience than us. However, they don't have the same amount of energy that we do. They don't have a leader that's ready to turn the industry upside down and they've all gotten used to the status quo.

They don't know what's coming. They don't know how successful we are going to be. They won't know until it's too late.

We're successful today because our customers know that we care. We will not lose that focus. Our number one focus will always remain customer satisfaction.

If you can't tell by now, I think housecleaning is pretty exciting. I can't wait to change the world.

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