Thursday, September 01, 2005

Housecleaning Defined

Housecleaning is not brain surgery. It doesn't require a high level of education and it doesn't require any specialized skills. It's easy work and easy money for the housecleaner. Anybody can do it.

That's how our competitor's customers view the art of cleaning house.

Housecleaning is difficult. It requires high work ethic and a strong back. It's hard work and worth every penny that I pay for it. Anybody can attempt to clean a house, but not many people can really clean a house.

That's how our customers view us.

You can save a lot of money by calling someone else to clean your house. Heck, call us and we'll give you their phone numbers. But, are you really saving money? Is your time worth anything? Is your patience worth anything? Is your house worth anything?

We don't get married and leave town. We don't get pregnant and quit cleaning. We don't just quit showing up. We don't show up wearing a dirty t-shirt. And, we don't act like the majority of cleaning "companies".

We do show up on time. We let you tell us what to do. We let you tell us what to pay our employees. We let you rate the quality of the housecleaning. We show up in a clean, professional uniform. And, we don't act like the majority of cleaning "companies".

Your definition of a housecleaner determines the type of housecleaner that you hire.

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