Wednesday, September 14, 2005

If I Were........

The manager of a car dealership........I would dedicate the dealership to sports cars. There's too many dealerships that offer too many things. Target a market and become the category leader. (How about building a track around the lot for test drives?)

The manager of a hardware store......I would have booths set up in front of the store with live experts providing help. You ask a question, they tell you the answer, and they direct you in the right direction. The booth is not a customer service desk, it's a "how-to" booth.

The manager of a clothing store..........I would only sell pants. I'm talking nice, expensive pants. The kind of pants that make your friends tell your other friends, "Do you know what she paid for those pants?"

The manager of a computer store.......I would sell the cheapest computers on earth. These computers get you on the internet and print documents. That's it, nothing else. No frills, but really cheap.

The manager of an accounting firm....I would specialize in the service industry. No exceptions. Every client must sell some sort of professional service. Imagine the yellow page ad that said "We Only Work For Service Companies". How many of your local business associates would spread word-of-mouth?

The manager of a restaurant...............I would only sell food for a dollar. The first dollar restaurant. Everything on the menu cost one single dollar. Cheap hamburgers, french fries, onion rings, hot dogs, pizza, etc. No waiters, no extras. We cook it, you come and get it. One cashier, one cook. This isn't fast food. It's cheap food.

The manager of a bottled water company....I would let you personally design our labels. Create a website that allows people to send in digital pictures of family, friends, pets, cars, etc. You email them to us and we print them onto a series of bottles. Those bottles get sent out and sold throughout the country. You might buy your own bottle. Imagine the buzz created by showing real people on the bottles.

The manager of a maid service............I would be the most customer friendly housecleaning company in the world. Customers would feel special. They would feel like their satisfaction actually means something. They would throw out their old image of a maid and replace it with one that embodies respect and gratitude.

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