Monday, October 17, 2005

Job Opening

We're expanding into the Panama City, Florida market and we need an operations manager. An operations manager is responsible for pretty much everything related to the success or failure of the business. An operations manager must be able to say the following things:

- I have been paid to clean a toilet
- I have hired a great employee
- I have resolved a difficult situation
- I have made someone smile today
- I live below my means
- I enjoy working alone

Needless to say, but we're only looking for individuals that are serious about customer service. The primary job responsibility will be to serve our customers and employees. You will be responsible for starting a business from the ground up. You will not have one customer or one employee on your first day. Your job is to find them. Your job is to keep them.

We like smiles. We like energy. We like passion. We like frugality. And we like confidence.

The position needs to be filled by December 1, 2005. The winning applicant will receive a decent salary, but the real compensation occurs when profits roll in. An operations manager receives 25% of the location's profits. First year profit sharing is a fixed number since start-up costs will outweigh revenues.

This is a way to own a business without actually owning a business. We want you to run this business as if you're the owner. Email me if you're interested.