Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pizza Hut's Out Of Pizza

I stumbled across an article detailing a man's trip to his area Pizza Hut. Yes, you read the headline correctly. They were out of pizza. Apparently, they ran out of dough.

Talk about horrible customer service. It doesn't get much worse. What could have been done by management to correct the dough shortage?

- The easy answer is to stock enough dough so that you are NEVER out of dough.
- Did the manager ever consider calling other area Pizza Huts?
- Go buy the dough at a grocery store.
- Close the restaurant so that you don't look stupid.

None of these actions were done because Pizza Hut is too big. Big, large franchises make a manager think like this......The manager probably orders his dough based on last week's or last year's comparable sales so that costs can be controlled. The manager probably can't call other Pizza Huts because he's not motivated to think independently. The manager probably can't purchase from a grocery store because that's prohibited in his employee manual. And, the manager probably wanted his work hours so he kept the business open.

Two Maids & A Mop can't evolve into this kind of a business. We can't be the normal large company because we've got a reputation to uphold. We're the most customer friendly housecleaning company in the world.

Most of all, we can't because we don't want to let you down. We're growing because our customers love us. We owe it to you.

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