Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Problem With Everybody Else

A manufacturing job work environment is designed to have a hierarchy that detects and minimizes errors. This traditional work environment works for the most part because whatever is being manufactured gets reviewed before it leaves the plant. The problem with our country is that all workplaces use this structure for their business. That's the problem with everybody else.

Most businesses don't make widgets, so why do they all run their business that way? Because nobody told them any differently. Their parents worked this way, their business professors taught this way, and their competitors runs this way. Don't rock the boat.

The housecleaning industry is no different. 100% of our competitors run their business the same way. Either the employee is paid on commission or the employee is paid a set hourly rate. It doesn't work. I know it doesn't work because I used to do it. I've tried it and it stinks.

Housecleaning has a lot working against it. First, it's hard work. It's much easier sitting behind a desk or cash register. Second, it's not very glamorous. Most people don't respect the maid. Third, it's typically low-paying. Who wants to make $7 per hour when Burger King pays the same hourly rate? Finally, your customers are the first person to see your mistakes. There is no quality control department. It's a tough business to the say the least.

Enter TwoMaids and the revolutionary pay-for-performance compensation plan. It works because it defeats each of the four points. First, it makes the hard work more enjoyable. The job still requires you to sweat, but making someone happy now means more money for you. Second, it glamorizes the position because your hourly pay is probably higher than many of your friends. Third, it allows an employee to earn a good living, assuming he/she satisfies the customer. Finally, it also ensures that mistakes are minimal since the employee's compensation is entirely dependent on customer satisfaction.

Your not working in a manufacturing plant. Quit acting like it. Your employees want you to change and your customers want you to change. The only person that doesn't want you to change is your competitor. Quit acting like everybody else.

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