Friday, October 07, 2005

The Three Phases of Housecleaning

Phase One.

This is the learning phase. This is where we do our homework. Preparation for a housecleaning is essential if you plan on meeting a customer's needs. Bring the correct supplies/equipment, understand the customer's priorities, and make sure that previous mistakes are not repeated. You can't make someone happy if you don't know what makes them happy.

Phase Two.

This is the cleaning phase. This is the phase that most of our competitors work in. They concentrate on the details of cleaning. They only know mops and buckets.

Phase Three.

This is the service phase. This is where we earn our money. This is where we receive our customer feedback. This is where the customer really understands why we're better. A two minute phone call. A short letter. A quick email. That's all it takes to prove our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Cleaning a house is just that for the rest of the housecleaning industry. There are no phases. There are no customer experiences. It's all nuts and bolts. Here's a mop, go clean.

People pay higher rates for our services. They pay higher rates because our experience is different. Yeah, we clean. But, we do more than just clean. We serve the customer.

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