Monday, October 10, 2005

Today Is Monday

You're either depressed because it's Monday or you're excited. Most people are depressed. America hates Monday.

The reality is that Monday has nothing to do with it. The real reason that people hate Monday is because their bored. Boredom can occur in a job very quickly. The bored employee doesn't feel like anyone cares. His actions, his words, his work means nothing. Boredom can take place on the assembly line or atop the ivory tower. The bored employee hates Monday because he's got five boring days in front of him.

I know this because I was once bored. I hated Monday and I loved Friday. I worked only to receive a paycheck, nothing more. The sad fact was that my company wanted nothing more. They were happy with my results. I could have climbed the corporate ladder very easily. I was the least bored of the bunch.

It's easy to be excited now because I do what I love. I love the challenge of building a business. This is my dream.

My ultimate challenge is to make Monday exciting for my employees. Can cleaning a house be made exciting? On the surface, it sounds impossible. But, we're not just employing housecleaners. We're employing future training managers, office managers, division leaders, and sales representatives. Everyone in our organization knows our plan. Our plan is to dominate the housecleaning industry. That means many of our original team members have an opportunity to grow and flourish with the company. They're not stuck.

I'm not stupid. I know that one of our employees hates today. She's counting the days until Friday. It's my job to excite her. Make her feel like she's important. Make her feel like she's got a future.

Stop hating Monday and you'll feel the change immediately. You've got to have purpose in order to be happy.

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