Monday, November 07, 2005

Conventional Wisdom

Conventional wisdom tells us to take it slow. Don't rush into anything. Think about the risks involved. Be cautious. Don't fail.

That's the problem with convention. The real risk is not risking. There can't be a reward if there's no risk. The real failure is to not risk anything.

We're going headfirst. The mistakes will be there. The failures will probably be there also. But there's going to be some rewards as well. Those few failures will be remembered because we must learn from our mistakes. However, the rewards will be remembered the most.

Nobody talks about our 1000% turnover level anymore. Nobody talks about our failed night shift anymore. And nobody talks about our lousy pricing structure anymore.

A lot of people talk about our devotion to customer service. A lot of people talk about our professional employees. And almost everybody talks about our bright future.

We buck conventional wisdom because everybody else follows it. We may have failed more than we've succeeded. But our successes have outweighed our failures every time.

Following conventional wisdom makes you conventional.

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