Monday, November 28, 2005


The typical scenario is for a person to set a goal. Success or failure is based on the attainment of that goal. The problem is that nobody really fails at anything. You only quit trying.

A marketing idea bombs. A new product flops. A new business dies. It happens every day, every hour. It's possible that your project is simply a bad idea. But, it could be that your bad idea can be improved into a better idea. Or, maybe even a great idea. Only one way to find out. Keep working.

The Dyson vacuum is quickly becoming the most trusted vacuum cleaner in the world. It didn't begin that way. Nobody wanted it and nobody bought it. James Dyson could have quit. He could have got a real job. Instead, he kept working. The rest is history.

There's a little Mexican restaurant down from my home. They held a grand opening about two weeks ago. The doors are closed today. They must have had a less than grand opening. They quit trying. They failed.

You can't fail if you're still trying to succeed.

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