Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Most Important Question For Your Housecleaning Service

What does your company do to ensure my satisfaction?

Your bathrooms are important. Your kitchen is important. But none of that matters if the company's employees are careless. The employees assigned to your home must care about your satisfaction. They must know that your total satisfaction is the ultimate objective.

A reputable company can offer you tangible evidence. No clever sales pitch. No flashy brochure. Just hard facts. This is how we do it.

Ask the question and watch what happens. They can't answer it. They can't answer it because they don't know how to ensure your satisfaction.

High turnover. High absenteeism. Insubordinate employees. These are the typical problems that a housecleaning service tackles every morning before they head out to your home. How can a manager worry about your satisfaction when the main concern is just getting an employee to your home?

I know all of this because I lived it. Managing a typical housecleaning service is best described as survival. Fighting through the same problems over and over again. I lived it and I hated it.

That's why I changed it. Ask us how we maintain your satisfaction.

Of course, you don't have to ask us. You already know.

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