Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Perfect Business

The perfect business has low turnover. The perfect business has lots of happy customers. The perfect business provides reliable products or services. But, the perfect business isn't perfect.

Everybody slips up. Mistakes happen. Sometimes they're hidden. Sometimes they're not. Nobody's perfect. The perfect business isn't measured by its quality control department or sales force. It's measured by the company's culture. A company's culture creates the perfect business.

Don't stop what your doing in the QC department and don't stop what you're doing the R&D department. You guys are important. You've got fancy degrees and extensive knowledge about your industry. But, your company's culture determines your product's success.

A positive, caring culture creates happy employees. Happy employees create superb products and services. Superb products and services create happy customers. Happy customers create happy employees. The cycle repeats itself.

That's the perfect business.

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