Thursday, November 10, 2005

You CAN Make Everybody Happy

The easy way out is to say, "You can't make everybody happy". It's an escape clause. No excuses needed. People will be people, right?

I say no. I say there is a way. I say even the most challenging person can be made happy. The recipe is simple.

Give a hoot.

It's obvious that most people don't give a hoot. Bad customer service occurs so often in our lives that we barely remember them. Of course, the good customer service experiences are so rare that we always remember them.

The housecleaning business is designed for failure. We've yet to perform the perfect housecleaning. If you look hard enough, you'll find something. Most people understand this. Some people don't. And that's ok. Our goal is to make everybody happy, one way or the other. We follow the "give a hoot" principle with every customer. Customer complaints never go unheard. You cry and we jump. Our customers know that we care about them because we jump higher than anyone else when they complain. From broken items to missed areas, we fix it all with ridiculous speed and urgency. We care. They know it.

An unhappy customer reacts with either anger or sorrow. Your reaction to the problem defines the level of satisfaction from that point forward. You can make it worse by yelling back. You can make it worse by not doing anything. Or, you could just give a hoot and show the customer that you care.

Mistakes are forgiven when you give a hoot. Even downright subpar performance is forgiven when you give a hoot.

It's take lots of patience and lots of great employees, can make everybody happy.

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