Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Pessimism Disease

You've had a terrible day. Nothing went right. Everything went wrong. You're tired and frustrated. The day can't end quick enough. Sound familiar?

It should. We all have days like this. Life doesn't beat to the same drum every day. The question is, how do you react to these days? Do you wake up energized, ready to tackle yesterday's challenges? Or, do you wake up just as tired and frustrated as the previous day?

To me, it's easier to be optimistic. The glass should never be half-empty. Optimism gives you reason to live. You always have a purpose.

Pessimism is ugly. It permeates through people like a disease. One pessimistic person usually infects another person. Eventually, everybody is negative. The glass is half-empty all the time.

Who wants to live like that? Not me. And you don't either. The pessimism disease has infected you at some point in your life. Your disease needs problems in order to survive. How do you get rid of the disease? Easy, never have problems.

Make your problem a challenge. Be optimistic. It really is that simple.

Quit complaining and start fixing.

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