Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Customer Service In The Classroom

Forbes recently ranked The Dartmouth Business School as the number one biz school in America.

I'm a big fan of business, so I wanted to see what they were teaching our future business leaders. It's the normal stuff - leadership, marketing, financial reporting, management, economics, and technology. There was one subject missing: customer service.

I couldn't believe it. The soul of every business lies with its level of customer satisfaction. You can't report financials if your customers aren't happy. You can't lead a team either if your customers aren't happy. This was astonishing to me. So, I checked other leading schools. Yale, Harvard, and the legendary Wharton. Still no sign of customer service.

As a consumer, I'm worried that customer service is only going to get worse. As a business owner, I'm excited that my future competitors are in the dark.

I'm sure that P/E ratios and regression analyses are important. But, I learned the alphabet before I learned how to read. Customer service is important. Just ask our customers.

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