Monday, January 23, 2006

Don't Say That I Didn't Tell You

We're more expensive than the neighborhood cleaning lady. There's lots of reasons, but one big reason is because we protect our customers with a broad insurance plan.

A surety bond is probably the most important insurance that a professional cleaning company can offer. A surety bond covers all thefts from an employee inside your home. You can still convict an individual cleaning person for theft, but if they don't have the money - oh well. As a customer, you need more than just a surety bond though. You need protection from a workplace injury and you need protection if one of your possessions is broken or damaged. A worker's compensation policy takes the customer out of the loop in case of an injury inside a home. A general liability insurance policy takes the customer out of the loop if anything is broken as a result of the cleaner's actions. In other words, part of your money that your paying us can be considered a premium for a broad insurance policy.

You could use another service or individual and bypass this premium. You could save money, sometimes as much as $10-$20 per cleaning visit. Is it worth it? Ask these people if it's worth it.

Uh Oh, Should've Called TwoMaids

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