Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Mind Of An Employee

Think about your job for a minute. Do you really believe in your company? Do you really believe in your company's products or services? Would you encourage a friend to purchase your company's products or services?

If The Answer Is No.......

You hate your job. You only work there because you either have no other option or the money's good. Your contribution to the company is worthless. Your soaking up space, wasting money, and abusing the system. Of course, it's not your fault. You hate working there because the company doesn't challenge you. The company doesn't motivate you to do anything other than take up space. Ultimately, you'll lose your job. You'll either quit and find a job that motivates you. Or, you'll be fired because the company needs to lay off the dead weight.

If The Answer Is Yes.......

You love your job. You work there because you enjoy the job's challenges. The money's good, but you could make more if you really wanted to at another company. Your contribution to the company is priceless. You mean a lot to the company. Your company would be a different company without you. Ultimately, you'll be promoted within the company. Of course, you already know that you will be promoted. You know it because your company has already proven that they will reward high achievers. Your excited about your company's future. Your company's future is aligned with your future.

That's the mind of an employee. It's black and white. Your employees are either ambassadors or enemies.

An employee can either fight with you or fight against you. It's your decision.

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