Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Profile Of A Leader

A customer calls with a ridiculous complaint. She's upset that we didn't clean underneath her couch. She's been a customer for more than six months and she's been happy every time. But, she's upset today and she wants to cancel the service.

What does a good leader do?

- A good leader doesn't act with emotion. In this case, a good leader calmly assures the customer that several actions will be implemented to prevent the mistake from occurring again. Also, a good leader provides the customer two options. She can either receive a discount on this service or we can come back to her home and clean the missed area. The good leader ends the conversation with a discounted service and the customer gives the company another chance to prove itself.

What does a bad leader do?

- A bad leader reacts with emotion. In this case, a bad leader gets angry at the customer for being so ridiculous. A bad leader asks the customer, "How can you threaten to cancel our service when you've never been unhappy before?" The customer doesn't care about those other cleanings; she only cares about today. She's paid for a service that she didn't receive. A bad leader stops listening to the customer at this point and the customer gets even more upset. In fact, she tells the bad leader that she's only paying a fraction of the charge. She's not paying the full charge when the full service was not performed. The bad leader ends the conversation with a discounted service and a lost customer.

There's a time to fight, but those times are rare when it comes to customer service. You may win the battle, but you always lose the war when you argue with a customer. A good leader knows this. A bad leader knows it too, but attitude gets in the way.

The profile of a leader is simple to explain. A good leader is humble. A bad leader isn't.

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