Friday, January 13, 2006

The Universal Cleaning Company

Being everything to everybody sounds good. It sounds real good if you're an business owner struggling to find customers. But it's not good. You can't be everything to everybody. Something, if not everything, has to suffer.

There's a cleaning company in your town that does everything. They clean your home. They clean your office. They clean your carpets. They cut your grass. They wash your windows. They pressure wash your driveway. They clean your air ducts. They even organize your shelves. But, they don't really do any of them good.

They can't be good at one thing because they're too busy trying to be good at everything. The "all-in-one" concept is provided by the desperate business owner. His marketing isn't working. The customers just aren't calling. Why not provide more services and become the Wal-Mart of your industry?

Pick your niche. Focus on it. Improve it.

It takes time for this plan of action to work, but it's the only way to corner a market. Ask Boston Market if you don't believe me.

Boston Chicken, err Market

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