Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Biggest Myth About The Housecleaning Industry

The myth - Professional housecleaning companies hate individual housecleaners. You know them. Suzie from down the street and your neighbor's aunt, Laurie. They're available for work tomorrow and they're affordable. They charge less than anybody in the yellow pages. Just like that, Suzie's got a new client. All because she was cheaper than everybody else.

Most people think that professional cleaning companies hate this process. That's a myth. A professional cleaning company should love all individual housecleaners. It's simple when you think about it.

The housecleaning client hires Suzie. Suzie starts out pretty good, but her work seems to be declining as time goes on. She's breaking more things. She's showing up late more often. And she's getting pretty comfortable while she's in your home cleaning. Meanwhile, your getting used to not cleaning your home. You're not happy with Suzie's service, but it sure beats cleaning everything by yourself. At some point, you get fed up. You're sick and tired of Suzie showing up four hours late. You pull out of the phonebook and decide to pay a little more for the added service. That's when you call us. That's when you finally understand why our rates are higher than Suzie.

Don't get me wrong. There's some wonderful individual housecleaners out there. But, the reality is that the majority aren't wonderful. Most of our new customers aren't hiring a maid for the first time. They've been burned by another cleaner at some point and they're looking for a company that can act more professional than Suzie.

Thousands of cleaning businesses are born everyday. A few hundred die on the same day. The clients of all these dead businesses have to call somebody.

It might as well be us.

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