Friday, February 10, 2006

Make Your Employees Happy First

The only way that a customer can be satisfied is if your employees are also satisfied. Low morale in any type of organization leads to major problems.

In the early days, we had terrible employee morale. Our pay was low, our work was hard, and our demands were stringent. We expected a lot out of our employees, but we didn't reward them with anything but a tiny paycheck. At the time, it seemed as if that were the only way to make our business work. Of course, times have changed and we now have a group of employees that collectively enjoy working for us.

It's difficult to have unanimous support in a workplace. But, it's not difficult to have unanimous disgust. Make one employee unhappy by treating them unfairly and you'll quickly find out that a large percentage of your workforce knows about it. Do nothing about it and your ship will start sinking. Employees shouldn't feel as if there are two sides to a business.

I know it sounds cheesy, but management needs to treat its employees as teammates. Anything less and you have a problem.

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