Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pay For Satisfaction

The most common question that we hear regarding our pay for performance plan concerns the rating system. Many people don't understand how to rate their cleaning service. I always respond by telling the customer to rate their service based on their satisfaction level. In some cases, the person is still a little confused. It takes several explanations for them to understand that your rating is 100% dependent on your satisfaction level.

There is no formal rating structure. There is no questionnaire. There's only one requirement: your opinion.

The confusion is a direct result of the terrible state of customer service. People aren't accustomed to businesses letting them express their personal opinions so candidly. Yeah, opinions are subjective. Your opinion of a dirty home could be drastically different than your neighbors. People are different.

So, why should we create a standardized questionnaire to fit everybody? There is no everybody. There's only you. Our job is to make you happy. You determine your satisfaction.

Relying so heavily on personal opinion means that we must customize each and every home. Providing a generic cleaning program for all our customers would disrupt the pay for performance plan. It wouldn't be fair to our employees. Their pay is solely based on one thing: customer satisfaction.

Look around you and find another company that lets you express your opinion in the same manner as Two Maids & A Mop. My opinion is that we're the only the company in your life that cares so much about your opinion.

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