Wednesday, March 01, 2006

On Losing

We lose customers. We lose customers because they move out of town. We lose customers because they can't afford us any longer. We lose customers for all sorts of reasons. However, the most common reason that we lose a customer is because we failed to let them know how much we care.

Mistakes happen. Problems arise. Poor work ethic even occurs every now and then. But, we can erase each of the failures by simply letting the customer know that we care. Most customers can accept failure as long as they know you care enough to make the failure right.

I used to get sick to my stomach when we lost a customer because of our actions. I hated to think that someone classified us in the same manner as the rest of the cleaning industry. I still get sick today. But, I've learned something along the way. Instead of feeling sorry myself, I educate myself.

What went wrong? Why did the customer not recognize our high level of caring? Losing isn't easy, but it can actually turn into a strength if you let it.

Losing can go in two directions. The negative response is to do nothing and keep losing. The positive response is to change something and quit losing in that manner.

I used to choose the negative response. It sucked. I now choose the positive response. It helps.

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