Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Top Ten Complaints About The Housecleaning Industry

These complaints may be useful to you if you're currently searching for a housecleaner. Ask each housecleaning company that you call to address these complaints. Listen for the long silence afterwards.

1. The cleaning starts our great, but it gets worse and worse over time.
2. My cleaners are never on time. Sometimes, they miss days entirely.
3. The cleaners make the same mistakes over and over again.
4. No one ever answers the phone.
5. The cleaners won't clean your dishes.
6. The cleaners tend to dust around items instead of underneath items.
7. The cleaners seem to be getting more and more comfortable inside your home (i.e., watching TV, eating your food, spending too much time talking to you)
8. The company never contacts you to determine your satisfaction.
9. The company doesn't seem to care when you voice concerns.
10. The cleaners only stay in my home for a short time.

Not to boast, but we have an answer for each of these complaints.

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