Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Unhappy Customer

Perfect delivery of your service is impossible. However, perfect delivery of your customer service is very possible. Consistent customer satisfaction is achieved when a company's culture is centered around the customer.

This customer expected a clean house. Instead, he got a headache. And he let the whole world know it. What should have the cleaning company done to provide better customer service?

Several cleaning mistakes were made during the first visit. Every cleaning company in the world makes cleaning mistakes. You can teach and preach all you want, but humans make mistakes. Mistakes don't occur just once; they occur over and over again. That's what we humans do. We repeat history. So, why not have a plan of action ready for all of your most common mistakes? I know a little, tiny maid service company that does it this way.

The customer in this example didn't feel like the company cared. Sure, they sent out another cleaning team to correct the initial mistakes. But, that didn't help because the second cleaning team made just as many mistakes. People accept mistakes. People don't accept laziness. This cleaning company was lazy. It tried to fix the problem without actually putting forth any effort.

It all starts at the top. A company's culture is defined by its leaders. The little guy only cares if the big guy cares too.

An employee needs to be empowered in order to make a positive contribution. An employee is empowered when you give them responsibility. We empower our employees by letting them write their own paycheck. They know that customer satisfaction is the only thing that matters in our business.

Customer satisfaction is produced when management acts like a leader and when employee's feel like they are a part of the business.

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