Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Dark Side Of The Cleaning World

The cleaning industry gets a bad rap, or does it? Take a look at this news article about a cleaning company in Illinois.

The most alarming quote in the article says....

She said TexMex has in its contract, "which is in English on purpose even though they hire Mexicans, that if you quit a job without 15 days notice that your last paycheck is forfeited.

Now that policy is sure to instill a loyal, hard working employee culture. The morale at this company must be extremely high. I'm kidding of course. Excluding the legal circumstances, this statement wreaks of terrible management. The management of this company looks down on its employees. It regards its employees as cheap labor. A commodity. Replaceable. Ignorant.

The cleaning industry has a very low barrier of entry. Anybody can do it. Anybody can afford to start it. There's a whole bunch of anybody's out there. And they're targeting your business or home.

Be careful of our industry's dark side. It looms in every city. Remember, cheap rates means that your service provider must pay for cheap labor.

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