Wednesday, April 19, 2006

One Month Later

Tomorrow is our one month anniversary in Panama City. The first week started off with a bang. We generated more than 350 phone calls on our first day. Calls kept pouring in over the course of the next few days. The last three weeks have been just as good. Just last week, we received 45 inquiries about our services. In contrast, we received 21 inquiries in Pensacola and 18 inquiries in Fort Walton Beach. Obviously, the word is out in Panama City.

We've learned a lot during our short time in Panama City. We've learned that customers from other cleaning services have the same complaints as they do in our two other locations. We've learned that our employees continue to be the most important part of our business. And we've learned that our rates are still higher than every other cleaning service in the area.

Many of those 45 calls last week were surprised to hear our rates. They're used to paying a lot less for a "simple" housecleaning. We're not the perfect housecleaning service. You pay us more. But, you get more. What you get is a highly motivated cleaning team that is paid great if they make you happy and paid poorly if they don't make you happy.

The funniest thing that we've learned is the fact that we're the only cleaning company that utilizes the pay for performance compensation system. Of course, we're still the only cleaning company in our other two locations that utilizes the program.

I wonder when they'll wake up?


  1. I'm totally hooked to your blog. I've been reading from the present (nov 07') backwards. You are a great writer and I love your business ethics. I'm in school for bus admin @ San Diego State University. You could teach a few of my prof's about the value of customer service. Im hoping I'll find out how you generated so many inquiries for your business the first day!
    Good luck and I'll be avidly watching your blog.

  2. Thansk for the nice comments. Mayeb we'll partner up after your graduation and start TwoMaids West!!!!

    Good lyuck with your education and subsequent career.