Friday, April 28, 2006

The Rocky Road To Success

The first day was unbelievable. Almost too good to be true. The second day was just as good. It all started so good.

Then the turnover bug stung us. It hurt a for a little bit, but we shook it off and regrouped.

With the sting gone, we got back to business. Calls were coming in one after the other. We talked to more people in one week than we did in our other two locations combined. Times were good.

Then came today. The bottom fell out. We lost half of our staff in one single swoop. More specifically, we lost three of our six employees without any notice. So goes the cleaning business. So goes our new location in Panama City.

The good news is nobody knew it. Each of our customers in Panama City received their housecleaning. Each of our customers were happy. We know they were happy because we asked them. To them, the duck just floated. Forget the feet that were paddling frantically.

You've now heard the bad news. But wait, there's more news. And it's good. Here goes.

Today proved that our new manager can handle anything. 50% absenteeism is not an elementary problem to solve. But he did it. And I'm proud of him. Today proved that he is going to succeed.

Today proved that our business can handle anything. Our other two locations banded together and we all made it happen. Pensacola handled all of the incoming customer calls. Fort Walton Beach handled all of the day-to-day calls. Today proved that I'm not quite as important as I thought I was.

Today proved one other thing. Today proved that we're going to make it. We're going to succeed. We're going to succeed because our people believe in our mission.

The mission. To become the dominant housecleaning company in America. And nothing less.

P.S. We hired more people.

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