Monday, April 17, 2006

The Truth About Professional Housecleaners

The truth - Professional housecleaners don't clean better than you do. You clean your house better than we do.

The common assumption is that our cleanings are better than your cleanings. Some people think that we have magic cleaning products. Others think that we know cool techniques to get stains out. Most understand that we don't clean better than you do.

It's your house. You know where everything goes. You love your home and you'll spend all day cleaning it if time permitted.

But time doesn't permit it. That's why you called us in the first place.

We call ourselves professional cleaners. Most professionals are experts in their field. Professional baseball players are the best baseball players in the world. Professional musicians sing better than other singers. Professional cleaners are good cleaners. But, they're not better than you.

A professional cleaner provides service to two types of people. People who can't perform the physical tasks associated with cleaning. And, people who don't have the time required to properly clean their home.

Now, we're going to provide a lot of other things besides a cleaner home. We're going to stay in constant communication with you to determine your level of satisfaction. We're going to juggle your hectic schedule to fit in your housecleaning. And most importantly, we're going to free up some valuable personal time for you.

That's our role. That's the truth about professional housecleaners.

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