Monday, May 22, 2006

The Average Cleaning Company

The average cleaning company is far from average. In fact, the average cleaning company is downright lousy.

We ask each of our prospective customers the same question. Have you ever hired a cleaning service before? If they say no, we're in trouble because our rates seem high to them. If they say yes.......

If the say yes, we get a new customer. We get a new customer because we have a remedy to just about every single complaint that a customer can have about their previous cleaning service.

The maids were always late. My maid just quit showing up. My maid got married and had to move out of town. My maid stole something from me. I never saw the same two maids. The service started out great, but got worse over time. Our maid became our friend so it was difficult to criticize her work. The maids missed the same things every time. I complained to the manager, but she didn't even acknowledge me. The maids only stay in my home for a short time. My maid used something and it ruined my wood table, or floor, or counter, or refrigerator, or just about anything else you can imagine in a home.

99% of our customers say one of these things. We learned a long time ago that fighting the problem was easier than being the problem. We're not perfect. Many of our customers will tell you that we make mistakes. We break things. We don't clean perfectly. We even send different people every now and then.

But we're better than the average cleaning company. Ask us how we fight the problems of the cleaning industry and you'll understand.

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