Monday, May 15, 2006

Take This Job And Shove It

That's what two of our employees told us last week. They hated their job.

Cleaning homes for a living is not for everyone. It really does take a special person to do what we do. Think about it. Cleaning other people's toilets every day. Driving your own car to each work assignment. Bending, pulling, and scrubbing all day. It's not the easiest job in the world.

That's what our industry is up against when it fights the turnover battle. It's a tough battle to win. Working for Two Maids & A Mop is a little bit better.

You get to write your own paycheck. You get paid 30% more than the industry average. You get paid all day; but you only work 66% of the day (we pay for driving time). You work between 30-40 hours every week. You receive full medical/dental benefits immediately upon employment. And you have the opportunity to be promoted to as much as $12 per hour. No other cleaning service in our area can say these things about their employment package.

Yet, we still have to clean those toilets. We still have to rely on our employee's vehicle for logistics. And we still have to send two people into a home to clean. Cleaning is not fun for most people. If cleaning were fun, nobody would need to hire us.

Employee turnover in the cleaning industry will never vanish. It will always be the most pressing problem. We can't defeat turnover, so what can we do?

We can reward our loyal employees that don't quit. We can pat them on the back. We can thank them for their effort. We can provide them opportunities for advancement. Basically, we can make this job a lot better than their other options.

We can't make all of our employees happy. At some point, their job will get a little too dirty and a little too filthy. What we can do is give our loyal employees a reason to want to work for us.

Most cleaning business owners would never be so honest about staffing issues. In my opinion, admitting that you have a difficult challenge is half the battle.

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