Friday, June 23, 2006

Mid-Year Update

The Pensacola Location
Two Maids & A Mop got its start in Pensacola. There were days when we had nothing to do but wait for the phone to ring. The phone didn't even ring some days. Times have changed. There's days when we want the phone to stop ringing. There's days when we want just four customers. But then I remember the work that it took to get to this point. And I start answering those phone calls like we're only getting one call per day. It's exciting to be so successful. And that's what we are in Pensacola. We are a success.

We're now cleaning more than 30 homes per day. We're on the verge of hiring our first office assistant. We've been used as an example in a customer service course at the local college. And we're regarded as THE best cleaning service in Pensacola. Times are good and getting better every day.

The Fort Walton Beach Location
The second location took a while to get started. Combine a nasty hurricane with an inexperienced entrepreneur and that's what happens. The hurricane forced us to have two grand openings. The inexperienced entrepreneur forced us to try several unsuccessful marketing ideas. Two years later, we're flying high.

We're now cleaning nearly 20 homes per day. Just two years ago, we cleaned six homes during our first week. Last week, we cleaned 97 homes. We're on the verge of catching our big brother in Pensacola.

The Panama City Location
The third location is still a baby. There's lots of work still left to complete. The calls started off with a bang, but they've slowed lately. We're only cleaning about 5-6 homes per day. But we're only three months old. Nobody knows us yet. They will. Our pay for performance program is too contagious. I can't wait to see where we are nine months from today. I have a feeling that we'll be missing these days soon.

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