Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One Of The Worst Jobs In America

Forbes recently published the worst 25 jobs in America. Debuting at #21 is my very own profession, the maid and housekeeping industry.

We're clumped together with professions such as ticket takers, dishwashers, and parking lot attendants. The reasons are pretty straightforward. The job is dirty. The job is hard. The job is not glamorous. And the job pays terribly low wages.

Interestingly, the worst jobs in America are all service related jobs. Today's consumer wants good service. However, today's consumer usually doesn't get good service. The reason may be in the numbers. Nobody wants to actually pay for good service. Or do they?

Our customers pay for it. I think that the problem is that service related businesses are too lazy. They're too lazy to make their service better. They would rather compete on price. Competing on price is easier. Competing on quality is harder. But if you provide a better quality service, you get to charge more for your service. If you charge more for your service, you get to pay your employees more.

That's our plan here at Two Maids & A Mop. Our industry might stink. But we don't. Many of our employees make more than $22,000 annually. That may sound low to some of you, but it's actually higher than the median income for an individual in our area.

We can't change the dynamics of our industry. The job will always be dirty. The job will always be hard. But the job doesn't have to pay poorly. Give the consumer what she wants and you'll get to give your employees what they want.

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