Friday, June 16, 2006

Our Competition

We compete against all types of cleaning businesses. The competition ranges from companies that only employ one person to companies that employ more than 10,000 people. The common denominator is that we usually don't have to compete real hard. The small business does the same exact thing as the big business. And they do it wrong.

Except for this company. They're innovative. They're creative. They're full of energy. They're not doing the same thing as everybody else. And they're the most successful cleaning company in northern Europe.

Cleaning is boring. A boring industry doesn't have to be full of dull businesses. Boring industries usually make it easy for a business to succeed. Just look at us. A simple five minute idea has created 49 jobs and three business locations. All within three years.

Our competitors will wake up one day. Right now, we're nobody. At some point, another smart business owner will realize the power of our pay for performance program and he'll start using it too. The dominoes will start falling from that point forward.

We're changing the cleaning industry. Our competition is letting us do it. I'm glad we're not in northern Europe.

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