Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pay For Performance Catching On

The Transportation Security Administration has just launched a new pay for performance compensation plan for baggage screeners. The goal of the program is to reduce staff turnover and improve employee morale.

According to the article, TSA screeners have had little chance to advance in their jobs, and many have quit because they did not see a way to qualify for promotions. For a time, one in five full-time screeners were leaving, driving up hiring and training costs.

The housecleaning industry isn't alone. Turnover is high any business that doesn't present challenges. You can't just pay someone an hourly wage and them tell them to go do their job. Not even if your job is to save lives. Those days are over.

People need goals. People need incentives. People need a reason to work.

Don't believe me? Listen to what this current baggage screener has to say about her new job.

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