Thursday, July 27, 2006

Picking Up The Garbage

I just got my garbage picked up. That's all that the garbage company had to do to make me happy. Just pick up my garbage.

Sometimes I wish all we had to do was just pick up somebody's garbage. Cleaning homes for a living isn't easy. The only thing easy about cleaning a home is the ability to make a mistake.

No matter how much you train. No matter how much you care. People will make mistakes. Because people are, well, people.

But our customers are people too. They pay a lot of money for our services. And they don't like mistakes. They like their house clean. That's why they hired us in the first place.

So, what's the owner of a business that relies on people making other people happy supposed to do?

Well, one way is to make the job real easy. Like picking up my garbage. But that's not what we do. We do a lot more than just pick up the garbage.

The other way is to prove to your customers that you care about your work. If you care, customers will accept mistakes. If you don't care, then customers don't care either.

We care. Our pay for performance plan proves it. Our Customer Advisory Board proves it. Even this silly blog proves it.

The fact that we care means that our customers will allow us to make mistakes. When they happen, they tell us. When they tell us, we listen. After we've listened, we fix it. And the cycle repeats itself sometime again in the future.

We're not perfect. Everybody knows that. But we're as good as we can physically be.

And that's how our people make other people happy.

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