Friday, July 14, 2006

The Piggyback

Here's a radical thought. Individual housecleaners couldn't survive without professional cleaning companies. They need us.

Individual housecleaners come and go. They quit their business just as quick as they start it. They get pregnant and quit cleaning. They marry and move out of town. Some get too old. Some just simply quit. And then you call us. Because you're sick of hiring Suzie from down the street.

You need a reliable cleaning service. You need to know that we'll be there when we say we'll be there. You need us and you're willing to pay more to get us.

But Suzie is born everyday. And Suzie knows what our rates are. And Suzie knows that if she just charges a little bit less, she'll have plenty of work in no time. And Suzie's right. Suzie's right because people don't perceive our business as a "real" business. Heck, it's just housecleaning. Until they hire Suzie.

You see, Suzie really needs us. Suzie couldn't make $30 per hour anywhere else if it weren't for us.

Here's your challenge. Don't hire us! Hire Suzie first. Create your cleaning schedule. And then watch what happens. When it happens, call us. Then you'll understand why we charge more than Suzie.

Get off my back Suzie.

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